What is the longest Duolingo streak in 2023?

Have you ever wondered what the longest Duolingo streak is?

Perhaps you’ve got a decent one yourself and you want to see how you measure up? Or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration to help you smash your language-learning goals?

Well, in this article, all will be revealed.

I’ll reveal the current record holder, before showing you the super easy way you can find out for yourself. We’ll also take a look at some strategies to help you build your very own mammoth streak!

Let’s dive in!

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What is a Duolingo streak?

A streak on Duolingo is the number of days in a row that you’ve completed a lesson.

So if you log in to Duolingo and complete a lesson for 10 days in a row, you would have a 10-day streak.

However, if on the 11th day, you don’t log in and complete a lesson, then your streak will reset to 0 (unless you have a streak freeze active).

Your streak is represented by a flame. When the flame is lit, you’ve completed your daily session and therefore your streak is preserved. When it’s out, you need to complete a lesson!

On mobile and desktop, your streak is located at the top of the screen…

What is the longest Duolingo streak?

As of February 3rd 2023, the longest Duolingo streak is 3676 days, held by user christi3.

This means that the longest Duolingo streak is over 10 years old!

christi3 isn’t the only user in this category, either. There are currently 5 others with streaks over 10 years old. They are:

  • SarkaB – 3675 days
  • johnarnold – 3671 days
  • DeeRamm – 3670 days
  • jelinek – 3670 days
  • davidbohardt – 3652 days

Given that Duolingo has only been around since 2011, these 6 have been with the owl pretty much every day since the very beginning!

How do you find the longest streaks?

It’s really easy to see who has the longest streaks on Duolingo. You can also do this to find out where your streak ranks as well!

However, it’s not something you can do within Duolingo. Instead, you will need to use a website called duome.eu.

I’ve written about duome previously as I think it’s a really neat tool to use to track certain aspects of your Duolingo progress.

All you need to do is head over to duome.eu and the global streak leaderboard will be on the very first page…

To find your own stats and where you rank, simply type duome.eu/[your Duolingo username] into your browser search bar.

So for me, I would type in duome.eu/DCiiieee.

Then click on the number above your streak…

This will take you to your position in the global leaderboard…

As you can see, despite racking up a streak of well over 6-and-a-half years, I’m still nowhere near the top! At the moment, I’m joint 2460th in the world, alongside 106 other users!

What if you use a streak freeze?

The good news if you use streak freezes is that you will still appear on the global leaderboard.

However, it’s important to note that duome has two separate leaderboards.

The main one includes all users, meaning those that have used streak freezes as well as those who haven’t.

The other one only includes users that haven’t used streak freezes.

It’s also worth pointing out that you only need to equip a streak freeze for duome to treat you as having used one. You don’t need to actually use one; you just need to have one equipped.

For instance, although I’ve got several streak freezes equipped, I’ve never actually used one. Nevertheless, duome doesn’t include my profile on the non-streak-freeze leaderboard.

What will be the longest streak at the end of 2023?

christi3 will be the first-ever Duolingo user to surpass 4000 days if they continue their streak to the end of 2023!

If they do, it will stand at a massive 4007 days!

Strategies to achieve a long-term streak

While you probably won’t be able to hit the heady heights of christi3, that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a decent Duolingo streak that you can be proud of!

That being said, it will require a lot of commitment as well as a clear understanding of why you’re doing it.

Consider some of these tips to help you grow your streak:

Don’t ignore the owl

When Duo says it’s time for Spanish, then stop what you’re doing and get to it!

OK, maybe not straight away. But you get my point: the reminders are designed to help you keep your streak alive.

If you get into the habit of doing a lesson when the owl pops up, then you’ll find it a lot easier to grow your streak.

Over time, you won’t even need the reminders — you’ll just instinctively know it’s time to do a lesson!

Keep it brief

One of the biggest causes of procrastination is failing to break big tasks down into little tasks.

We see a mammoth task before us, and even though we’re capable of completing it, the thought of all the work we’ll need to do completely puts us off.

The good news is that you don’t need to bash out 5-hour sessions every time you log in to Duolingo.

Instead, keep it to a manageable 5 minutes to begin with. The key is to log in and do SOMETHING. It doesn’t matter what. So long as you complete a lesson, timed challenge, story or practice, your streak will go up.

Be consistent

This one should probably go without saying, as the only way to have a streak is to be consistent.

But I suppose it doesn’t hurt to reaffirm it!

If you want to rack up a mammoth streak, you’ll need to make sure you consistently log in and complete at least one activity every day.

Try to log in at roughly the same time every day to form the habit. It could be that you make it part of your morning routine, or perhaps you’d prefer to work on your language in the evening before bed.

Whichever you prefer, try to show up at the same time every day. Along with the owl’s reminders, this will help ensure your streak flame keeps on burning.

Use streak freezes

I never used to recommend streak freezes as I used to think it defeated the point of having a streak.

After all, if you’re missing days here and there, then to what extent can we say that the streak is still a streak?

That said, I’m starting to see there’s a place for them. For many, the streak total matters more than the streak’s accuracy.

In this case, if you’re looking for a way of holding onto your streak, then investing in some freezes might be the way to go.

They currently cost 200 gems each on mobile and 10 lingots on desktop. If ever you miss a day with a freeze active, then your streak will remain intact.

Remember why you’re using Duolingo

Finally, and this closely ties in with the other tips, it’s really important to remember why you’re using Duolingo.

Having a compelling reason for logging in every day will make it 100x easier to maintain your streak.

It could be that you’re going to Mexico next year and you’d like to be able to speak Spanish. Perhaps you have a French partner and you’d like to be able to speak to them in their native tongue. Maybe you just love Italy and you want to learn as much Italian as possible!

Whatever your reason, the more concrete it is, the easier you’ll find building your streak!

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