How To Change Your Duolingo App Icon

Did you know you can change your Duolingo app icon?

There are currently a few to choose from and they’re really easy to switch around!

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to change your app icon, all the different icons available (including the new Party icon) and how to unlock them.

Let’s dive in!

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How to change your Duolingo app icon

Changing your Duolingo app icon is really straightforward.

However, it will depend on a couple of things: your device type, and the number of icons you’ve unlocked.

Unsurprisingly, you can only change your Duolingo app icon on mobile devices, so this article doesn’t apply if you’re using Duolingo on desktop.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to have at least one different icon unlocked in order to change your icon. (We’ll get to how you can unlock the different icons in a second!)

The following steps should apply on both IOS and Android devices.

There are currently two main ways to change your Duolingo app icon.

The first way is through your Super Duolingo dashboard. Simply tap the Super Duolingo owl in the top right corner…

Then tap ‘turn on’ beneath the Super App Icon. You’ll get a notification to say that your app icon has successfully changed.

Head back to your device’s home screen and your Duolingo app should have a new icon!

The second way to change your Duolingo icon is through the Streak Society dashboard. This is probably the best way to change your app icons as you get them all in one place.

To enter your Streak Society dashboard, tap the streak flame at the top of your screen, swipe across to Streak Society, and tap ‘enter now’…

Then tap ‘change app icon’…

You’ll get as many as 3 app icons to choose from. Choose one of the available app icons or restore the default Duolingo icon. You’ll get a notification to say that your app icon has successfully changed.

Head back to your device’s home screen and your Duolingo app should have its new icon!

All Duolingo app icons

As of January 2023, there are currently 4 different official Duolingo app icons available. They are:

  • Default icon
  • Super icon
  • Fire/Streak icon
  • Celebration icon

Let’s take a look at each one in a bit more detail!

Default icon

The default Duolingo icon is the starter icon for all Duolingo users. The first time you download the app, you will get the default icon.

The default Duolingo icon is the Duolingo owl in all his natural glory!

Super icon

The Super icon is a special perk available to all Super Duolingo users. It’s available from the Super Duolingo dashboard.

The Super Duolingo icon is the Duolingo owl but with a galactic green, blue and purple hue.

Fire/Streak icon

The Fire icon (also known as the Streak icon or Streak Society icon) is a special perk available to all Streak Society members. It’s available from the Streak Society dashboard.

The Fire icon is the Duolingo owl — but with a firey finish!

Party icon

The Party icon differs from the previous icons as it seems to be a bit experimental. There’s no way of activating it, it just seems to appear for certain users.

Originally it was only available to Duolingo beta app users. However, Duolingo rolled it out to all mobile users in early February 2023.

What does it mean? I have absolutely no idea! I’ve searched all over the internet and no one from Duolingo seems to have confirmed anything.

The Party icon is similar to the default icon, but has the owl blowing a party horn!

How do you get different app icons?

Unlocking different Duolingo icons currently depends on your subscription type or streak length.

Obviously, everyone gets access to the default icon. But if you want the Super icon, then you’ll need to subscribe to Super Duolingo.

As far as I’m aware you should be able to activate the Super icon with any form of Super subscription, whether that be a free trial or through the Family Plan.

To get the Fire/Streak icon, you’ll need to get yourself into the Streak Society. For some users, this can happen after putting together a 50-day streak, but in some cases, you might have to stretch it out for longer.

The Celebration icon is a random one that can’t be activated or deactivated. I suspect it has something to do with the Duolingo beta, although I can’t be 100% sure. When I was using the beta the Celebration icon randomly appeared, but when I re-installed the original app it disappeared.

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