Duolingo’s Streak Society FINALLY Comes to Desktop – What We Know

Desktop users — the wait is finally over. Duolingo has, at long last, begun the rollout of its popular Streak Society feature on its desktop platform.

This implementation comes after the feature first made its debut in May 2021 on selected iOS devices. It was then extended to Android and other mobile users a year later, with a renewed design.

Understanding Streak Society

Since its launch in 2021, Streak Society has gone on to become a popular feature within the Duolingo user community.

It rewards users who maintain an extended streak of daily language learning. The longer your streak, the more rewards you unlock.

However, if you lose your streak, you also lose your Streak Society membership — and with it, all of the rewards you’ve unlocked.

Initially, it was designed for those who had achieved a 365-day streak. However, it was eventually made available to users with shorter streaks too.

The Journey of Streak Society

For some reason, Streak Society had been a mobile-exclusive feature — until now.

In recent days, Duolingo has finally started the process of incorporating Streak Society into its desktop platform.

However, in true Duolingo fashion, the rollout seems to be a gradual one. At present, only some desktop users have reported receiving the update. The completion timeline for this rollout remains unclear.

Special Rewards with Streak Society

One of the most exciting aspects of Streak Society is its system of rewards.

On mobile, the 2022-revamp brought special goodies. These included a new app icon (iOS only), bonus Streak Freezes, and VIP Status for users maintaining a streak of over 365 days.

However, with the move to desktop, there is a slight variation in the offerings.

The unique app icon, which is a part of the mobile experience, is absent for desktop users.

Instead, they will receive a one-time ‘Welcome Chest‘.

Are you a desktop user? Are you now an official member of Duolingo’s most exclusive club?

Let us know in the comments below.

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