Duolingo XP Happy Hour

Duolingo XP Happy Hour – EVERYTHING You Need To Know

If you’re looking for ways to maximise your Duolingo XP, then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for Duolingo’s XP Happy Hour!

It’s been popping up for a while now and gives you the opportunity to earn a bit more XP in your Duolingo lessons.

Want to know the ins and outs?

Then read on!

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What is XP Happy Hour?

XP Happy Hour on Duolingo is basically an hour-long XP boost. For every lesson your complete during XP Happy Hour, you’ll earn an additional 5 XP!

So instead of the usual 10 XP (not including combo bonus) you’ll bag yourself at least 15 XP for every completed lesson.

For the most part, it really is basically just another power-up, like XP Boosts, as it works in pretty much the same way — it boosts the amount of XP you can earn for a period of time.

However, the main way that it differs is that it isn’t something you can earn or unlock in the shop — it’s just something the guys at Duolingo decide to run for everyone every now and then.

When is XP Happy Hour?

As of May 2023, there are two different time slots for XP Happy Hour.

The first and traditional time for XP Happy Hour tends to be on a Saturday evening, usually between 7pm and 8pm in your local time.

However, for some users, XP Happy Hour can also take place “during your first hour of learning”.

Source: Reddit

So the first time you boot up Duolingo on a Saturday, your XP Happy Hour will commence, regardless of what time it is.

Is XP Happy Hour worth it?

This entirely depends on what you’re going for.

If you’re a bit of a league-nut and you’re in a tight battle for promotion (or demotion) then you’ll probably want to take advantage of XP Happy Hour. 5 XP might not seem like much, but it can soon stack up.

If you can manage to squeeze in 15-20 lessons in the hour, then that’s an extra 75-100 XP. This could make all the difference when it comes to the league deadline on Sunday night!

That said, if you’re more interested in the learning side of things, and you’re really not that bothered about the leagues, then there isn’t much of an incentive to participate in Happy Hour.

If you’ve already bashed out your Duolingo sessions for the day, then there probably isn’t much point in whipping out the phone again. Unless you want to, of course!

How to make the most of XP Happy Hour

If you want to make the most of XP Happy Hour, then you’ll want to consider some of these tips!

do your duolingo sessions in the evening

This one only applies if you’re still getting the original version of XP Happy Hour!

To get the most out of XP Happy Hour, it goes without saying that you’ll actually need to use Duolingo when Happy Hour is on. Otherwise, you’re not going to get the bonus 5 XP for every lesson.

Therefore, if you’re still getting the classic version of XP Happy Hour, it makes sense to save your Duolingo lessons to the end of the day.

If you prefer to do your lessons during the day, but still want to take advantage of Happy Hour, then be sure to pencil in an extra evening session. Alternatively, do your weekday sessions earlier in the day, but save your Saturday session to the evening.

use an xp boost

Want to get even more out of Happy Hour? Use an XP Boost.

XP Boosts double the amount of XP you can earn in a lesson. So if you usually earn 10 XP after a lesson, your XP Boost will double it to 20 XP.

The cool thing about XP Boosts is they also double your multipliers — which means it doubles your Happy Hour bonus as well!

With an XP Boost active, 5 XP becomes 10 XP. So if we consider the earlier example: you stand to make an extra 150-200 XP if you can bash out 15-20 lessons in the hour.

Of course, to do this you’ll need to keep your XP Boosts topped up, as they only usually last for 15 minutes (unless you’re using a Friends Quest XP Boost, which lasts for 30 minutes).

Ultimately, the more XP Boosts you can unlock, the more XP you’re going to get from Happy Hour!

focus on earlier levels

Again, this isn’t something I’d recommend if you’re more focused on learning your language. After all, while it makes sense to brush up on previous content, you’re only going to make progress in your language if you tackle the harder lessons.

That said, if your sole focus during Happy Hour is to rack up as much XP as possible, then this is something you’ll definitely want to consider.

The earlier levels in a course are, naturally, always going to be the easiest. Since you’ve only got 60 minutes of bonus XP, you’ll want to cram in as many lessons as possible. More lessons = more bonus XP.

The earlier levels aren’t just the easiest, they’re also the quickest. This is mainly because the exercises tend to have fewer words than those in the later levels, making them a lot easier to get through quickly.

does happy hour make you happy?

In the grand scheme of things, XP Happy Hour doesn’t really add much — but it can make all the difference in your battles in the leagues!

Are you a fan of XP Happy Hour? Does it motivate you to crank out some more lessons?

Let me know down below!