Duolingo users FRUSTRATED as Duolingo ups Monthly Challenge requirements

Some Duolingo users are growing concerned that the monthly challenges are becoming too strenuous.

The June 2023 challenge, which marks the 11th anniversary of Duolingo, requires that some users complete a whopping 50 quests to unlock the month’s exclusive badge.

This is a big increase on the usual quest total of 30.

From XP to quests

Duolingo’s monthly challenges were originally introduced in 2021.

Back then, the monthly goal was simple: earn 1000 XP before the month was out to earn the month’s exclusive badge.

Since then, Duolingo’s monthly challenges have become a firm fan-favorite feature, giving users an extra incentive to log in each day and complete their daily lessons.

However, back in 2022, Duolingo gave challenges a makeover. Not only did they introduce daily challenges — known as daily quests — but they also introduced a new format for the monthly challenges.

Rather than earning XP, as had always been the case, users would now need to complete a certain number of quests each month in order to unlock the month’s exclusive badge.

To many users, this was a welcome refresh, as the old XP approach had become stale and predictable.

From 30 to 50

However, with the latest hikes, some users are wishing for a return to the days of 1000 XP.

While some users still only need to complete 30 quests to unlock the month’s exclusive badge, others need to complete as many as 50.

While mathematically speaking, this is totally doable (with roughly 100 quests available to complete each month) it means that some users will need to put in more work than others for the same reward.

Naturally, some of those with the higher requirements aren’t happy:

by u/Coff33Monkee from discussion Is this the new standard??
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by u/rawwwrrrgghh from discussion Is this the new standard??
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However, others aren’t so concerned:

by u/VaileCearo from discussion Is this the new standard??
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by u/munroe4985 from discussion Is this the new standard??
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Duolingo’s random requirements

So why do some users need to complete more quests than others?

It’s highly likely it comes down to user performance.

In ordinary lessons, Duolingo adjusts the difficulty based on how the user is getting on.

If the user is getting too many questions wrong, the difficulty decreases.

However, if the user gets too many questions right, the difficulty goes up.

This is designed to keep users engaged — and the guys at Duolingo are sitting on a pile of data that would suggest the approach is working.

As such, it would seem Duolingo has applied the same formula to the monthly challenge requirements.

Is the new total here to stay?

It’s unclear as to whether Duolingo will stick with the 50-quest total.

If it discourages users from completing their daily lessons, then it wouldn’t be surprising if they dial the totals back to something more manageable.

However, if it has the intended effect and gets those users to spend more time on Duolingo, then it’s likely the 50-per-month total will become more common.

Who knows… we might even see a 60-quest target before too long!

What do you think of the higher monthly targets?

Let us know in the comments.

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