Duolingo Streak Society – EVERYTHING You Need To Know

Duolingo’s Streak Society — it’s the hottest club in town.

It’s been going for almost a year now and the members keep on growing.

When Duolingo first launched the Streak Society there wasn’t really much to it. But recently they’ve rolled out a sparkly new update that makes it 100x better.

So get ready — here’s everything you need to know about Duolingo’s most exclusive club!

What is Streak Society?

The Streak Society is described as Duolingo’s most exclusive club.

When it first launched, it was only open to users who had a streak of 365 days or more. So to become a member, you had to hit your daily XP goal every day for at least a year.


With the new update, it looks like Duolingo have introduced a new tier system.

Now I’m not 100% sure what the exact tiers are, but from what I’ve seen, it looks like there are about 3 tiers in total:

  • The first tier appears to be around the 50-60 day mark.
  • The second tier appears to be around the 150-200 day mark.
  • And, of course, the final tier is at the big 365.

Where is the Streak Society?

To view your Streak Society membership, simply head over to your profile page and swipe down to your streak counter.

When it first launched, the Streak Society was all about class and sophistication. Once you hit the 365, your streak counter would go dark with a couple of spotlights in the background.

But nowadays it’s all glam and golden. You really can’t miss it!

You can also tap the streak counter for a little pop up that gives you some more details about your membership.

And if you want, you can even share this with your friends and family to let them know just how much of a streak freak you are!

What do you get for being in the Streak Society?

When the Streak Society first launched, you didn’t really get anything for being a part of it. It was just a bit of a status symbol on your profile.

I mean, it was cool. But not that cool. People wanted rewards!

Well, Duolingo listened. In a new update that started rolling out in April 2022, Streak Society members now get some cool perks.

new app icon

This is pretty neat. Anyone who’s got Duolingo Plus (or Super, if you’ve got the new update) can change their mobile app icon from the standard Duo.

And now if you’re part of the Streak Society you get an extra icon to choose from!

Not gonna lie — I think the firey Duo looks awesome!

3 extra streak freezes

Duolingo really want you to stay in the club.

So to help you along, you’ll get an extra 3 Streak Freezes to help you maintain your status.

vip status

What’s the point in being part of Duolingo’s most exclusive club if you can’t tell everyone about it?

Well, with VIP status, you can make sure that everyone in your league knows just how special you are.

Look at that sweet little counter. And that golden ring! Man, the 365-life feels gooooood!


This one isn’t *technically* part of being in the Streak Society. But you get it once you hit the big 365.

Hit a year and you unlock the Wildfire achievement!

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Is it worth being in the streak society?

OK. So Duolingo’s streak society is all the rage. Anyone who’s anyone is a member.

But when all is said and done — is being in the streak society actually worth it?

Like, is it really worth prioritising?

I think there are quite a few pros and cons to this. Let’s start with the pros.

reasons to be in the streak society

helps to create a habit

Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s all about showing up every day and exposing yourself to your target language — even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.

Duolingo’s always been great for this thanks to the streak counter. The bigger the streak gets, the less you want to lose it. It takes on a life of its own — learning your language often just follows naturally.

And now with the streak society, there’s even more reason to crank up your streak. This is good!

shows commitment

Got a big Duolingo streak? That’s something to be proud of.

It takes a serious amount of discipline to chalk up even a week-long streak. So if you’re hitting the streak society numbers, it’s clear you’re a mentality monster!

Whether it’s for you or others, getting into the streak society shows you’re committed to learning your language. It’s something you can take a lot of pride in.

cool perks

So we’ve just been over some of the cool perks that come with being in the streak society.

With any luck, Duolingo will add more over time.

OK, they’re not earth-shattering rewards, and they definitely won’t do much to help you learn your language.

But it all adds to the experience. Duolingo’s a fun way to learn languages. Being in the streak society is just a cool part of the game.

reasons not to worry

not important

Let’s look at the big picture — why did you start using Duolingo?

Was it to become a member of some swanky, exclusive club?

Or was it to learn a language?

The streak society is a cool feature that adds to the overall Duolingo experience, but it really isn’t the be all and end all.

Streak society members don’t have special language learning superpowers just because they’re part of the club.

The most important thing is the language. If building up a big enough streak to get into the streak society helps you learn, then great. But in the grand scheme of things, being in the club is pretty inconsequential.

It’s certainly not something to stress about!

superficial perks

As I mentioned above — the perks are cool and all, but they don’t really add anything to your learning experience.

Streak society members don’t get access to exclusive lessons or features in their courses. The rewards are purely aesthetic.

App icons, streak freezes, VIP status — none of these things make a difference to the quality of your course.

So, again, it’s not the be all and end all.

might not work

And after all that work — all that battling to rack up a killer streak — you hit the magic numbers…

And you still don’t get in.


It seems to be something to do with A/B testing and platforms (see next section). It’s taken a while for Duolingo to roll the new version of the streak society out to all users, and it seems that some still don’t have it, even though their streak’s long enough.

I’ve seen users with streaks over 2,000 days and they’re still not in!

So if you want to build your streak just to get into the streak society, that’s fine — but beware that you might not get in (and even if you do, the rewards aren’t game-changing).

Why you might not have it

Streak Society (like most of Duolingo’s new features) was originally rolled out on IOS devices only. Eventually it came to Android, but it still doesn’t appear to be available on the desktop site.

Anyway, the new Streak Society features might be rolling out gradually. So don’t worry too much if you’re on a 365+ day streak and you don’t have any of the sweet new perks yet. You’ll get them eventually!

Other reasons you might not be in the streak society:

  • Your streak isn’t long enough
  • You’re using a device that streak society isn’t currently available on
  • You might need to update your Duolingo app
  • It might just be a glitch, specific to either your device or account

Thoughts about the Streak Society

When Duolingo first launched the Streak Society, I had this to say:

I think the Streak Society is a neat little addition in the sense that it recognises Duolingo’s most dedicated members. I’m a big fan of maintaining a huge streak, so this is a nice little bonus to help motivate you.

But beyond this, it doesn’t really add much. It’s a shame as well that non-iOS users don’t currently get the same recognition, though I’m sure this will be rectified going forward.

So if you qualify for Streak Society membership but you can’t currently see it on your profile, then don’t worry too much about it: you’re not missing out on much!

Fast forward a year and Duolingo have made it soooo much better.

The new perks aren’t much, but they’re definitely a nice reward for all the time and effort that goes into a mega streak.

Showing off won’t be for everyone, so the VIP status thing might be redundant for some. But as far as I’m concerned — if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

And I’m absolutely loving that app icon. It does absolutely nothing for the quality of my Russian, but who cares — it’s cool!

Hopefully Duolingo keep rolling out new rewards to Streak Society members. Maybe even introduce new tiers to keep everyone engaged. There’s plenty of potential!

Have your say!

So what do you think of the Streak Society?

Are you one of the ‘lucky’ members?

Do you think it’s a good reward for maintaining a mammoth streak?

Let me know in the comments!