Duolingo Rolls Out “Snips” Feature To Select Users – What We Know

Duolingo has started rolling out another new feature for Android users.

The new feature, which Duolingo has dubbed “Snips”, first started appearing for some Duolingo users back in April.

This follows the launch of the Avatar Creator, which is also currently exclusive to Android users.

Snips can be found in the dedicated Snips tab, which appears at the bottom of the screen on Android devices.

What are Duolingo Snips?

Snips build on the popular social media formats of Instagram Stories and TikTok by presenting lessons in swipeable-style pages.

Each lesson contains several pages of information presented entirely in your target language.

At the time of writing, it appears Snips are currently only available in the Spanish course on select Android devices. As such, each lesson is presented entirely in Spanish.

At the end of each lesson, the user will receive either a poll or a pop quiz, for which they will then receive 1-2 XP for completing.

Source: Reddit

There are a number of different Snips to choose from. However, XP can only be earned on each Snip once, so users will still need to complete other activities to earn XP.

Android before iOS

The rollout of Snips marks another win for Android users over iOS users.

Duolingo is well-known for its thorough A/B testing approach. This ensures features are successful in the long term — but causes divisions in the Duolingo community in the short term.

Traditionally, iOS users have received all the latest and swankiest new features, leaving Android users to watch on with envy.

But, following the Android-first rollout of the Avatar Creator, Snips becomes the latest Duolingo feature to buck the trend.

Will there be a wider rollout?

It is currently unclear as to when Snips will be rolled out to other users and platforms.

For the most part, it will depend on how popular the feature proves to be.

As such, we currently have no timeline as to when the feature may reach a wider audience.

What do users think of Snips?

So far, the response to Snips has been fairly limited.

After all, it’s only currently available to select Android users learning Spanish.

As such, most of the reaction to the launch of Snips has come from users that haven’t received the new feature, lamenting the fact that they always seem to miss out on new updates:

by u/letsadoptanalpaca from discussion Just got duolingo Snips???
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Some users also seem wary of the direction Duolingo is taking with the introduction of Snips, showing concern for the adoption of short-form content, which has proved popular on social media platforms such as TikTok:

by u/imTyyde from discussion Just got duolingo Snips???
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by from discussion Just got duolingo Snips???
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It’s likely we’ll have to wait for a wider rollout of Snips in order to guage its true popularity.

What do you think of Duolingo’s latest feature? Are you a fan of the format?

Let us know in the comments.

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