Duolingo Practice Hub - What You Need To Know

Duolingo Practice Hub – EVERYTHING You Need To Know

In the ever-changing world of Duolingo, another new feature has quietly landed.

Some will have it, some will not — such is the way Duolingo like to introduce their new features.

For those who have it: gone is the Mistakes Inbox — the broken blue heart icon where Plus members could practice their previous mistakes — and in its place a little golden dumbbell.

They’re calling it the Practice Hub.

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What is Duolingo Practice Hub?

Practice Hub appears to be the new home for practising mistakes and other difficult parts of your target language.

It’s presented pretty neatly and can be accessed via your lesson tree. Just hit the gold dumbbell to enter.

You’ll notice at the top it’s described as weekly practice recommendations. Basically, you’re tasked with completing three challenges by the end of the week. For doing this, you will receive XP for each completed challenge, and an XP Boost once you’ve completed all three.

The challenges I was given this week were Mistakes Review (which is basically the Mistakes Inbox), Perfect Pronunciation and Listen Up.

How the Practice Hub is divided

Mistakes Review (previously Mistakes Inbox)

As above, Mistakes Review is basically a rebranded Mistakes Inbox.

In your lessons, whenever you get a question wrong, Duolingo will make a note and add the question to your review pile.

You can then review these mistakes as and when you desire with Mistakes Review.

You can review up to 10 mistakes in one sitting. The maximum amount of XP you can earn is 20, and this will depend on how many mistakes are in your pile.

Perfect Pronunciation

Perfect Pronunciation is an opportunity to clear your throat, dust off those vocal cords, and practice speaking your target language.

It’s basically an entire lesson of speaking exercises, in which you can “Tackle mispronounced words and more”.

Listen Up

Listen Up focuses exclusively on listening exercises.

As with Mistakes Review and Perfect Pronunciation, you’ll get questions you got wrong previously, as well as other questions Duolingo consider challenging.

Duolingo Plus only?

It looks that way, at least for the time being.

I can kind of understand this as Mistakes Inbox was a Plus feature, so I guess it makes sense that anything else practice-related would fall under the Plus umbrella.

Although, having said that, the way the challenges are individually labelled with ‘Plus’ suggests that some of the future practices might be available for free members.

I don’t know how that would work though — you wouldn’t be able to complete the weekly challenge if some of the tasks were locked behind a Plus subscription — but the way Duolingo have presented it makes me think that some of it might be free.

Time will tell!

How often can you practice?

You can go over your recommendations as often as you like, but you’ll only be able to earn the XP Boost once a week.

Each practice is usually worth around 20 XP, although this will vary on Mistakes Review depending on how many mistakes you have in your review pile.

If you have none, then Duolingo will give you 10 mistakes that you’ve already covered, and you’ll still get the full 20 XP (even though sometimes it says you’ll earn less).

What do you think of Practice Hub?

Making mistakes is important. Anything that makes it easier for us to review them gets a thumbs up from me.

But what do you think? Should it be a free feature?

Let me know in the comments!