Duolingo launches official Lily plushie

Duolingo has launched a Lily plushie, available now from the Duolingo store.

Famed for her indifference and biting wit, Lily has become one of Duolingo’s most popular characters

And now, she’s available as a special 10″ plushie — ready to bring a dose of her signature sarcasm to your daily Duolingo sessions.

The Lily plushie ships from the US and is currently priced at $31.95.

The official Duolingo store page describes the Lily plushie as follows:

“Meet the Lily Plushie, your new sarcastic companion who is annoyed by life and ready to avoid people with you. Cuddle up and share your love for obscure bands and old dogs together. Or don’t, she doesn’t really care either way. Hurry up and get yours, before it becomes too mainstream.”

More options in the Duolingo store

Lily is not the first character to receive the plushie treatment. 

The beloved Duo, Duolingo’s iconic owl, already sits in the merch store for $29.95.

And better still, Duolingo is currently offering a $5 discount on the Duo plushie when bought alongside the new Lily plushie.

As well as the two plushies, Duolingo users can also pick up some bespoke Duolingo t-shirts, character stickers and a special Duo pin.

Duolingo has been adding more items to its store in recent times, so it’s reasonable to expect more exciting merch will be hitting the shelves in the months to come.

Will you be picking up a Lily plushie? 

What other characters would you like to see in plushie form? 

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