Duolingo Character Names – The COMPLETE Guide

Back in the day, a little green owl called Duo used to hog the Duolingo limelight.

In many ways, I guess he still does. And who am I to question it!

But back at DuoCon 2020, Duo (graciously) decided to share some of his responsibilities with 10 unique characters.

They all have their own personalities and feature heavily across the Duolingo experience.

Shall we get to know them?

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All Duolingo Character Names

As of April 2022, there are a total of 10 Duolingo characters. They are:

  • Bea
  • Eddy
  • Falstaff
  • Junior
  • Lily
  • Lin
  • Lucy
  • Oscar
  • Vikram
  • Zari

Each character has their own personality. They feature in lessons, stories and challenges. They even send out notifications when Duo can’t be bothered!

Let’s get to know them in a bit more detail!


Bea is easily one of Duolingo’s most recognisable and complex characters.

Described as ambitious and neurotic, Bea knows exactly what she wants — and she’s not afraid to go out and get it!

She underwent a bit of a makeover back in 2021, opting for a more “authentic” style to “suit the community she’s part of.”

She’s also one of Duolingo’s 3 queer characters, alongside Lin and Oscar.

She doesn’t like massages either, apparently…


When it comes to Eddy, what you see is what you get!

If there’s one thing Eddy loves, it’s sport. Whether it’s lifting weights or watching football, Eddy’s all over it.

One thing he isn’t all over is his Duolingo streak — which he can barely get beyond a day!

You’ll often find him making it up as he goes along in his parental responsibilities to Junior. His heart’s in the right place — but he’s hilariously hopeless!


Little is known of the great Falstaff.

Other than he’s a bear. A very big bear.

And he wears a scarf.

That’s it.


Junior is the definition of cheeky!

He’s always trying his luck, whether it’s convincing Eddy to buy him a new video game, ducking maths tests, or trying to get some ice cream on the sly!

He takes a keen interest in frogs and always seems to have an answer for everything!


Look up ‘sarcastic’ in the dictionary, and it stands a good chance you’ll find a picture of Lily.

Known for her moody facial expressions and glaring indifference, Lily is as introverted as they come.

Sometimes she’ll stretch to reminding you to do your daily Duolingo lessons. But she really doesn’t care either way.

She’s best mates with Zari and only listens to bands you’ve never heard of


Lin is as laid-back as they come.

She’s always winging it… yet still manages to come out on top!

Another of Duolingo’s queer characters, she’s also Lucy’s granddaughter — and is perfectly content to crash at her apartment forever!

She’s never held down a full-time job (because who needs one of those?) and loves true-crime series and sandwiches.


Lucy’s not as much of a mystery as Falstaff, but she’s far from an open book.

Her past can only be described as fuzzy.

Details are vague. Documents are redacted.

All we know is she’s Lin’s “cool” grandmother…


Can’t tell the difference between an americano and a long black? Oscar’s your guy.

The third of Duolingo’s queer characters, Oscar is Lily and Zari’s art teacher.

While he would happily spend his days painting and reminiscing on his trips to Europe, he takes his teaching position *very* seriously.


Vikram is the quintessential nice guy.

He’s never met a person he doesn’t like and always seems to have a smile on his face.

Like seriously, the guy could see the positives in losing a 365-day streak!

So if ever you need a pick me up, Vikram’s your man!


Zari just can’t sit still. She’s always got to be doing something.

The word ‘chill’ just doesn’t feature in her vocabulary.

Zari’s the polar opposite of her best buddy, Lily. She’s super outgoing and has to be top of the class in just about everything.

Zari is the sort of girl to be in 10 clubs at school and president of 8 of them.

Some say she’s even found time to complete every single Duolingo course…

Which Duolingo character is your favourite?

It’s gotta be Junior for me. The kid’s hilarious! I could binge his stories all day 🙂

But who’s your favourite Duolingo character?

Let me know in the comments!