The best and weirdest Duolingo sentences ever

100 of the best (and weirdest) Duolingo sentences EVER

2021 marks a decade of Duolingo and its famous feathered mascot, Duo.

In that time, Duo has become something of a poster child for language learning, guilt trips and passive aggression.

But that’s not all: our little green friend has also developed a reputation for coming out with some rather curious sentences. Whether it’s Spanish, French, Hungarian or Klingon, you’re never too far from an expression that leaves you either scratching your head, pondering your existence, or rolling on the floor with laughter.

Below, we showcase 100 of the very best.

1. The Loch Ness monster is drinking whiskey

2. Without a doubt, I want to eat ham

3. When I was young, I was not allowed to wear pants

4. I am less happy than before

5. Excuse me, I am an apple

6. Yes, I want to live, I want to die in the North

7. Your cat has a beautiful profile picture

8. It is easier to die than to love

9. Owen is eating parsnips in the rain

10. It’s getting worse and worse

11. The scream cuts the silence

12. Whose robot ate my cake?

13. I am crying and the onion is laughing

14. Does a toothbrush have feelings?

15. I want carrot curry

16. Lama wants cold and good juice

17. Are you happy? No.

18. I do not hear you since I have cinnamon rolls in my ears

19. There is somebody’s head in the fridge

20. After the dragon had eaten Owen, it went to Cardiff

21. The rhinoceros is drinking juice

22. Are there still Vikings in Sweden?

23. This guy does not play in the same league as you believe me

24. Why is the banana wet?

25. The baby wants to drink beer

26. I like the taste of alcohol very much

27. Everybody dies in the end

28. He will taste the blood

29. I do not need to read your terms of service to accept you

30. You have not understood anything

31. I am not a person

32. I am eating bread and crying on the floor

33. You must choose: cake or death!

34. I want to eat more potatoes

35. The lion is eating a boy

36. Everyone has to die

37. I want to be able to travel

It’s a 2020 thing

38. My dog is unemployed and only has one eye

39. I need more alcohols

40. Do we eat ants?

41. The horse cooked for the cows

42. The wine has a special effect on the baby

43. I am the cheese

44. The nineties called and wanted its shirt back

45. Who is Friday’s victim?

46. What is tea? What is water? Who am I?

47. The bride is a woman and the groom is a hedgehog

48. There is a cow in the house!

49. The man eats ice cream with mustard

50. My horses collect teeth

51. I want to live in your shoes so I can be with you every step of the way

52. I eat that in the bathroom

53. I want to cook bulgogi with the pig at the farm

54. Tell the truth or I will throw your cell phone

55. I have 28 hairs

56. Are you intact?

57. A man is not food

58. Ana is eating a canary

59. Yes, the owl is smart and nice

Flattery will get you everywhere

60. I am ready to die

61. The friendship between the turtle and the elephant was very special

62. Wherever he lives, I will find him

Liam Neeson vibes

63. You are a clown

64. When God invented beauty he was inspired by you

65. I want a boat to take me far from here

Preferably Mars

66. People all over the world take showers, and only you do not want to

67. The cat exists and at the same time does not exist

68. I want to talk to the manager

Is the Karen meme still a thing?

69. This blond man has stupid ideas

70. The tomato is attractive

71. I am sad even though I have wine

72. Good morning, Dragon

73. Things had not gone well that year


74. A good father never throws the baby

75. You are much more alone than you believe

76. I would like some new software for my brain

77. She would be better without you

78. He was naked

79. My turtle, Raphael, is a police officer

80. Carrie does not like to sleep in the afternoon what is her problem?

Get a grip, Carrie

81. Owen is eating parsnips in Antarctica

82. He promised that someone else would pay for his wall

83. I sometimes drink alone

84. A cat does not play piano

85. That duck is very rich

86. My compliments to your mother

87. You always worry about everything

88. I yell in the morning

89. A flying saucer visited us today

90. She wants to swim in a sea of sauce

91. You eat like a pig

92. Dogs do not write newspapers

93. Yellow hair does not go with an orange face

94. Does the dog drink from the toilet?

95. My horse is not an artist but an architect

96. The fisherman brings a fish to my mother

97. The spider eats bread

98. I cry myself to sleep every night

99. Today as well I will gaze into the distance and cry

100. The cow does not eat children

Here’s to another decade of weirdness

Duolingo wouldn’t be half as much fun without these whacky sentences. Long may they continue!

Which one is your favourite? Is there a classic I’ve missed out?

Let me know in the comments!